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Mayhem, depravity, and debauchery - Straight, No chaser


Cast of Characters

  •  Annie Cruz

  •  Matt Slayer


"And Now We Drink" is the conversation at the end of the bar - that talk when you’ve had one too many, just before blackout. We specialize in dirty secrets and in white lies. We love when drunks spill their guts, when Pandora’s box is opened, or when those who live in the shadows, slither in for a shot. We talk sex, we confront violence, we gush over music, we love art and we don’t sugarcoat reality. We don’t shy away from the taboo – we embrace it.


Matt Slayer

Matt Slayer is an international man of mystery with James Bond skill, but an Archer reality. He’s a world traveler, lover of expensive booze, and always looking for a way to talk himself into first class.